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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Hand Of Feelings

With hands like these you cannot, not be deeply engaged in all that you do.

That there is ow syrup. Look how it's is a balm way before she is soap.

Prep is so important and some of our best things cannot stand without it.
Everything is a recipe, even us...
It has simply taken 13 billion years for us to be made.
And we still change?
Of course we do.

I love the old whore soap because of  reasons that make me who I am.
I have been vetiver girl for many years now and I sort made sure my man smelled like vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.
Some fine men that I know say the old whore soap is all that they need to smell warm and inviting. "Mmmmm!"
I have said this before, " the ow blend is just right on a man"
"Are you wearing vetiver?"
"Uh, yea I thought you'd like that."
I do like that!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

knob galore

hello and welcome to my blog. I would aprear that I have two blogs, please go to
sorry about the confusion, I must have done something weird and now it is what it is.
Ha! Like my whole life:)
Hey, everything is going our way.
Be smart and be aware of yourself and do not be afraid of the truth.
It will set you free.
thank you

Monday, February 21, 2011

the best bath in all of time and space

doesn't really exist because the combinations are endless. You can add salt or shea butter or herbs or clay.
Today this blend took me away, made me feel safe and I smell amazing now without added oil or butter.
1 Tablespoon 50/50 shea/ avocado oil
3 drops neroli
1 drop sandalwood
10 drops patchouli

Allow the oils to melt with the hot clean bath water and then sink yourself in there. I used patchouli soap in addition to the oil blend. You can use any soap you deem fit.
Have a nice bath and relax your heart and mind.
thank you

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Big talk about a simple little healer. Propolis is a resinous goo which which is used as a sealant in the hive. and so much more. made up of about 50 constituents, mostly resin, waxes and essential oils. Highly anti fungal and super amazing as no two hives make up the same composition of propolis and taking the vibration of the flowers where they live. And speaking of vibes, propolis reduces the amount of vibration in the actual vibration in the cool.

Mirror Of Isis Black Balm
organic cold pressed olive oil steeped in activated charcoal.

Monday, February 14, 2011

the rabbit better to be like bunnies

It is all about the home and family and raising our children with some sort of integrity.
Now with the full moon we can reflect on what we have brought to this moment from the last cycle and from the past much further back.
The idea with The Rabbit is that one must remain humble and enjoy each moment.
Be happy not for what we have but how warm we are with our company and how we impress others with our behavior.
We are delicate like bunnies too so this is a perfect year to eat more salad. Eat one salad for a meal. Eat some kale with lemon and take a little apple cider vinegar with your salad. It is a perfect way to reflect on the Year of The Rabbit~

Anastasia's Super Fine Garden Salad
chop up organic lettuce
organic broccoli
organic kale (not too much)
organic carrots
one sweet onion (organic)
fresh organic parsley
a few basil leaves
cracked black pepper
olive oil
apple cider vinegar
50/50 (remember you want to get the apple cider in you, not necessarily make a salad dressing, besides kale loves is perfect)
sea salt of choice..I love Celtic right now!

Be well

Saturday, February 12, 2011

we're getting ready

we're getting ready
we're so excited
everything is wonderful
and feels brand new
even though we worked
we studied
we tried
we learned there are no favorites
only truth and the third eye
look with in
yes, there in your self
and get to know that power
which guides you day and night
and feeds every hungry cell with knowledge and light:)
a poem for Uranus
by me
little ""a in this case because I am not a writer, I am a soap maker, what do I know?

I know soap making and that is enough for me.
I make potions because I like oil on my skin and since it is still cold and I can ship butters until May, I aim to make some skin potions and butters which hopefully knock your socks off.

Today I begin with some neroli and pink grapefruit oils.
The cream is shea butter and avocado oil based with a little beeswax to hold them together. Not too much, just enough to make a cream.
And when was it that you said no to neroli with grapefruit (pink that is)? Always open and always bright and cheery. I like honest and I love no fear and no tears!
this is what I want for you and me.
Facing frightening situations with and open mind and fearless heart.
Eating properly prepared foods crafted by someone who loves you not some 16 year old kid in a fry factory.
Use good and natural cleansers, for your house cleaners and your sacred bod.

Crazie Annie's Floor Cleaner

1 Tablespoon soap suds ( basil soap in my home) gets rid of old unnecessary stuff and lets new money in. What could be better?
* I usually make the suds in my hand and fill my bucket with the rinse water, the whole idea being making a soap solution of some sort.
1 Tablespoon orange oil
a few drops basil oil
a good splash of vinegar (apple cider)

Add more water if you need to.
Start with the East part if your house.

I like this so much that I am going to make a soap just for cleaning your home with 100% extra virgin coconut oil:)
Have a good day!
Thank You

Sunday, February 6, 2011

come to me part two

The last time I made a come to me potion, I was inspired by Mystic Medusa (my favorite astrologer), and it was good but I really should have connected better with the blend. You know make it something I would love to use. I went all out and blended something with the traditional "love" oils, rose, ylang, patchouli, and i put some carnation in there too. It was lovely, but I find that when I make soap just for my muse so to speak, it always lacks something.
This time I followed the recipe like a pig and made both soap and potion.
Equal parts of rose, sandalwood, cinnamon bark and few drops frankincense to hold her, to lead her in to accepting all her boons.
Yes, I said boons.

The recipe is 36 oz extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
13 ounces extra virgin organic coconut oil
11 ounces water
10 mls each
rose sandal,patch, cinnamon~
20 drops frankincense

Make it yourself if you want to but I have these spectacular bars right here right now.

may you use one to accept all your gifts with grace and worthiness
may you follow prosperous paths
may you have a shield of psychic protection

Thank you.